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Solar and Electrical Academy

SunMax Solutions has an innovative initiative known as the Solar & Electrical Academy in Somalia through which it offers professional and practical skills training on solar and electricity to trainees who are either beginners or practicing technicians/installers. This program is in response to the Somalia market that is facing acute shortage of skilled manpower in solar and electricity. Through it, SunMax aims to increase employment opportunities for the Somali youth that make about 70% of the population according to the 2020 UNFPA Somalia population estimates and who most of them are unemployed.

The maiden Academy has been set up in Galkayo town in November 2020 and it offers two skill sets. The first one is a 2-months Solar Course that will provide trainees with hands-on skills and training necessary for entry level positions as Solar PV installers. Starting with the PV fundamentals, and a solid understanding of various components, system architectures, and applications for PV systems, trainees will obtain in-depth knowledge on PV Solar.
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The Solar course will be offered under the following 6 modules: -

The second skill set offered in the Academy is a 3-months Electrical Course that cover the following specific areas:

The Academy in Galkayo Town is situated in Garsoor. The Academy is well equipped and the courses are offered by professional and experienced trainers. The trainees who graduate from the Academy after completing the 5-months Course will be introduced to the energy market through SunMax’s own Apprenticeship Program as Field Technicians and Sales Agents earning commission