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School solar

Most rural school children in Somalia attend schools with no electricity leaving them without power for lighting, computers, internet, printers and more. This has huge implications on their education. Without lighting they have very limited reading and studying times, without computers they cannot learn computer skills, without internet they are cut off from a world of free teaching tools and resources, without reliable power- water supply becomes a challenge in school thus contributing to poor sanitation-related illnesses.

SunMax’s School Solar Initiative specializes in bringing school-centric solar solutions to schools and higher education facilities across the Somalia region to meet the schools’ full energy needs. Through this initiative, SunMax will provide a solar package in schools to light the classrooms, power school computers to aid in computer literacy and internet use, to pump water and water purification. The package will consist of installed Solar PVs on school rooftops to meet the schools’ entire energy needs and also the distribution of portable solar lanterns to school children to take to their homes for night studies.