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Clinic solar

In Somalia countries where access to the national electricity grid is a challenge or doesn’t exist at all in some areas, many health centres mostly in the rural areas either lack power or are powered expensively by diesel generators that are unreliable. This intermittent or unreliable power source puts many lives at risk. Clinic Solar is a comprehensive solution designed by SunMax to address this energy challenge faced by the rural poor communities and meet all the energy needs of any health clinic/center in the region. The Solar Clinic is a carefully designed package that blends SunMax’s energy systems engineering and the assessed real energy needs of a health clinic that either lacks electricity supply or face high electricity cost to fully meet all its energy needs cleanly, affordably and reliably.

With a span life of 25 years, a warranty period of 2 years and a 2-year free maintenance, the Clinic Solar package powers the following in the health facility: -

The simple vision behind the Clinic Solar Initiative is that a lack of reliable power should not prevent people in remote and rural communities from accessing the healthcare they need, when they need it.