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Smart Street Lighting

We are committed to serve our Somalia clients with quality solar lighting solutions at competitive pricing. Our solutions and products are tried and tested in Somalia and have a proven technology to withstand different environments. With simple installation and operation, our range of lighting is a preferred alternative to grid wired lighting.

SunMax has in store for you an intelligent off-grid, low maintenance, zero utility solar lighting solutions using the latest photovoltaic technologies that are designed in both rural and urban settings. At dusk the integral photocell will automatically turn the lamp on top to 30% brightness. The integral sensor working distance is 7 to 10 meters, therefore when people or vehicles approach, the lamp will automatically switch to 100% brightness. When no presence is detected the lamp will ramp back down to 30% brightness.

Please have a glance at the 3 distinct solar street light solutions we are offering at competitive prices: -

1. All-in-One LED Solar Street Light with Outdoor CCTV Camera

Features: -

2. Integrated Solar Street Light (All-in-One Solar Street Light)


3. Brightest Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Features: -